In my martial arts training I learned that allowing the energy of my opponent to move to it’s natural conclusion, and utilizing the momentum thus generated while redirecting the flow to protect me and/or to unbalance the opponent is one-thousand times more powerful than using brute strength to stop an attack. Lucky thing for anyone, male or female, who is smaller or not as physically strong as her opponent.

In my clinical experience practicing acupuncture for over a decade now, I have learned that the energy of every client’s disease or problematic symptom also has it’s natural conclusion and has within it a great deal of momentum. Acupuncture does not use brute strength to block the problem. That is what pharmaceutical drugs and surgery do. They are the big guns. Acupuncture, in contrast, allows for, honors, and redirects the client’s current energetic patterns. I believe acupuncture’s power to initiate and support deeply-rooted change is therefore one-thousand times stronger than the use of those big guns alone.

I invite you to think about what it would mean for you today if you were to approach your everyday problems with an intent to allow and redirect. Allow and redirect. Even better than thinking about it–try it: Get into where you are. Feel the mood, the groove and the momentum of your energy and then redirect it. If you don’t know how to be self-aware and intentional, you’re probably reading a blog about Paris Hilton right now instead of this one. If you want a really outstanding way to increase awareness and intentionality in your life, I recommend two things: learning something that requires intense physical and mental focus, such as martial arts or dance, and learning to meditate.