I have a philosophical approach to food. What and how I eat is based on my values, which are: Health, Enjoyment and Creativity. In other words, I like my food to be healthy and delicious, and I prefer to be creative about my cooking rather than following recipes all the time.
Cooking by color is one way I like to approach an evening of improvisational cookery.

5-Color Squash

This picture is an example of a colorful meal made with the ingredients I had on hand. I made it last night. I call it 5-Color Squash because I aimed for (and included) all 5 colors of Chinese medical theory: Green, Red, Yellow, White and Blue. The ingredients were:

  • Quinoa, garlic and yellow onion (white)
  • Parsley, edamame and scallions (green)
  • Red onion and radish (red and white)
  • Purple Cabbage (blue and red makes purple)
  • Squash (yellow)
  • Side of carrots (red and white makes orange)
There is also some Organic Smart Balance (a non-hydrogenated butter substitute loaded with healthy Omega 3 oils) mixed in with the meat of the cooked squash, and some sea salt (good mix of minerals) and ground black pepper. The squash was baked for an hour in a 350 degree oven. The quinoa was cooked ahead of time. The rest was stir-fried in olive oil, and the cooked quinoa was added at the end.
I am lucky to live near a wonderful family-owned organic farm called Goranson’s Farm. It’s in Dresden Maine, and if you live near by you have to eat their food! I’ve had guests from out of state bite into one of their carrots and lapse into a state of exuberant reverence over its magnificent taste. Goranson’s has a community supported agriculture program that I support.The squash, carrots, cabbage, yellow onion and garlic in the above recipe came from my winter-share, a monthly box full of veggies from the farm.