I found a great blog called Deepest Health written by a man named Eric Grey, a student of Classical Chinese Medicine. He proposes a year of Sagely Living for himself and others, in which we will all follow some sagely practice for each month of the year, write about our experiences, and share our writings with one another. The first practice in the first month of the year, in which we Mainers are sitting by our wood stoves, hunkering down anyway, is scholarship. I am studying like crazy this month, as it turns out. Not about acupuncture or Chinese philosophy or medicine. No, this whole thing, this blogging thing. I am studying this new (to me) art form and science of blogging. In this month I have started a blog, started reading other people’s blogs (yes, for the first time!), and started researching ways that blogging can enhance my life. So far I’m having a blast, which I very much appreciate. I strongly value fun, but don’t get enough of it–like most working moms, I suppose (except for the kid-centered kind of fun, which is great, of course, but which tends to involve lots of not-as-fun clean-up afterwards…if only I could always remember the words of my wise friend Bruce who says, “celebrate the task.”). So I’m having fun blogging, but it’s also definitely requiring of me a foray into a kind of scholarly attention. It’s nothing like the spleen-wasting memorization and whole paradigm shift of graduate school, perhaps, but it is a whole new language (RSS? Backlink? SEO?) and a vast network of relationships (yet another “web that has no weaver” –sorry, couldn’t stop myself–that’s an inside joke for acupuncturists, The Web that Has No Weaver is the title of a book about Chinese Medicine by Ted Kaptchuk). So I’ll be participating in this project, and reporting here on my progress. For now, in the month of January, my scholarly efforts are devoted to this new energetic domain–the other web that has no weaver.

One of the challenges of any scholarship is to integrate the subject studied into one’s life. I’ve been blogging for a few weeks now and have not integrated it in my existing networks or sought connections to other bloggers which could mutually enhance our virtual community. This is the next step in my scholarly blogging: to let people know I am here. In the language of the 5 phases this step, making something manifest in the world is a function of the Heart, and the province of the shen. The inspiration (Earth, Yi) to blog came to me, in part through conversations with my Brother, who thought I should blog about my awesome gluten-free desserts (more on that elsewhere, perhaps). I put some intention into the idea, began to say to myself, yes, I’m going to become a blogger… and before I knew it emotion and instinct (Metal: Po) drove me forward (or down into the rabbit hole). I applied my will (Kidney: zhi) to the project, and began blogging, and as my experience took shape, so did my vision (Liver: Hun). And through that vision I came to see that the kind of bloggin’ that will suit me is the kind that makes connections with people. And to do that I have to share it. Participating in another bloggers project is all part of that process, from my heart to yours, Eric.