Being out of sync with the season always feels a little like walking up the down escalator, and brings to mind images of Sisyphus, carrying the rock up the mountain only to have it roll back down again. This was not a good month for me to create something new.

We’re preparing for yet another snow storm in Maine, making sure the wood is brought around from the now dwindling “big” pile, to the small pile just outside the front door, and rearranging plans so we can stay in during the worst of it. While I’m at work, my husband will make a trip to the grocery store, and will probably buy a few extra batteries, just in case we lose power again. Tomorrow is Saturday, the first day of March, and I hope to God our kids will let us sleep late tomorrow morning. Why is it that our kids don’t feel the same need to hibernate that strikes us?

They are bundles of relentless energy–less bothered by the relentlessness of a northern winter. But I am bothered. One day I smell spring in the air as clear as a Beale Street Barbecue, the next day it’s gone, hammered beneath the downpour of white we used to call snow. Now we just roll our eyes and say, “ick.” But we laugh. I sat in the sauna at the YMCA yesterday and a woman I don’t know came in. When she mentioned the aforementioned storm a’coming, we both bared our teeth at one another, and growled and growled, all inhibitions unleashed, until finally we laughed. What else can you do?

One thing, really. Try to stay with the energy of the season. Because of the Sagely Living focus on Business and Strategy, I spent a considerable amount of time early in the month researching some of the foundational issues for my new business venture–packaging and selling my gluten-free, vegan, agave-sweetened cake mix. As one snow storm came after another, and my computer screen started to look strangely psychedelic every time I entered, it occurred to me that this relentless winter was not an auspicious time to push the new baby out of the oven. All hopefulness aside (such as my last, “spring is coming” post–ha!) the prevailing energies abounding around about here is not the “new beginnings” energy of Spring, it’s the let’s crawl back under the covers and go to sleep again energy of a winter that has lasted too long.

Not one to push rocks up mountains, I turned my Sagely Living focus to reflections on the state of my current business (sole proprietor, acupuncturist). The result of my reflections are these conclusions:

  • Sisyphus was damn lucky he didn’t have to push that rock up a snowy mountain in late February in Maine.
  • Next year’s business plan must include an island vacation in early March.
  • My existing business is on track except that I really should quit pretending that I can do it all, and I should hire a book-keeper. Also, I should quit relying on my neighbor’s fax machine because he went skiing for a week and wouldn’t you know it now something comes up that absolutely must be faxed….
  • My research into the foundations of my new venture have brought me no closer to production. However, two people have emerged to advise me. Thank you Andrew and Carol.
  • As soon as I can get my hands on a copy I’m going to read the book, Five Minds for the Future, by Howard Gardner. I learned about him because I started looking into getting a domain name for this blog. and org, etc. are being used by a company whose website is almost entirely in a foreign (Germanic) language. Nice graphics though. It seems to be about finances (one of the few English words). But in the process of researching who else uses these simple words, I found this book which seems fascinating and which also happens to be about business, leadership, and 5 kinds of intelligence. Sounds like a good match for me.

By the way, I’ve settled on for this blog. I haven’t moved it yet, but I bought the domain name. Moving it will allow me to get google ads (and other advertisers?) on the site. I’d really like more time for writing and ads could help allow for that.

See you on the other side of the storm.