Welcome to the Carnival of Healing, a weekly round-up of blog entries about spiritual, emotional and physical healing. I first ran into this blog carnival when I was checking out the archives of Deepest Health,where a student of Classical Chinese Medicine blogs about his scholarly pursuits and the medicine he studies. And let me tell you– this medicine rocks! I’ve chosen Chinese Medicine as my primary health care for over a decade and have never felt better. I’m happy to be hosting this week’s carnival of healing. Last week’s carnival (Carnival of Healing #129: Spring Renewal) can be found at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul. Next week’s carnival will be posted by Jenn Givler at Create A Thriving Business.

Joshua Seth at Joshua Seth’s Tip of the Week Blog offers wise advice in Aspartame Dangers. He reminds us that that the FDA’s approval of Aspartame as a sugar substitute in no way means it’s safe or healthy. It’s not! Aspartame is a known neurotoxin. Joshua points out that it doesn’t even do what folks want it to do–help them lose weight!–and in fact it can lead to the opposite effect. Read his informative post to find out why, and for his suggestion to help eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods.

I agree with Joshua that (occasional) sugar is preferable to Aspartame. I would add that agave, a natural extract from the same plant that gives us Tequila, is even better. Not only is agave a natural sweetener it’s lower on the glycemic index than sugar, honey, or maple syrup, making it a better choice for people concerned about blood sugar.

Flash Gordon (I’m old enough to guess this is not his real name!) wrote a great post called How to Have a Rich, Healthy Life – Without the Sacrifice, in which he reviews the food-related book called Die Healthy, Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity, and incidentally greatly piqued my interest in his blog, Great New Books That Are a Must Read. I’m glad to have been introduced. His writing is clear, informative and personal.

James from Food Matters gives us an introduction to a new documentary film (called Food Matters) in his post Food Matters But Does it Cure Cancer? While James doesn’t talk about the question in that provocative title, his post draws attention to what looks like a great film. It’s about how the typical American diet is poisoning Americans, and how easy and inexpensive it would be to just eat right! Check out the film’s trailer and sign up to be notified when the film is released.

Tiffany Washko at Natural Family Living Blog wrote about dietary changes and natural supplements for kids, in Natural Remedies for ADD and ADHD.

Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal offers Three Natural Remedies When You’re Sad or Depressed. Dave’s personal experience after a difficult break-up shows how supplements can help get you back to emotional health.

Angelawd presents I’ll be Damned, Here Comes Your Ghost Again.. In this article she recounts the story of a difficult relationship in her past, and then ceremoniously (You Go Girl!) releases all the negative voices from people in her past, which serve no purpose but to hold her back from her own extraordinary (aren’t we all?) human potential. I have done similar rituals of release. Repeat if necessary! Good work, Angelawd!

Neelakantha presents 101 Little Known Scholarships for Nurses | NOEDb posted at NOEDb: Nursing Online Education Database.

In this post, How To Be Happy, Astrid Lee of World Healing, gives more press to an original article by neuroscientist and writer, Gabrielle LeBlanc, whose article Five Things Happy People Do appeared in Oprah magazine.

Aparna presents, Home Remedies for Nose Bleed, posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming.

Susan Jacobs presents Laser-Guided Robot Helps the Disabled, posted at Medgadget.

Jenn Givler presents Can you make money online in your holistic business?, posted at Create a Thriving Business.

Lovelyn presents Quitting Caffeine Can Positively Impact Your Health posted at The Art of Balanced Living.

isabella mori presents frozen pea friday: a survivor tells her story posted at change therapy. And it’s an inspiring one.

Lori Jewett presents Doctor as Detective? – Why Patients may Need to Get a Clue posted at Between Us Girls.

Rena presents Saints to Pray to When You’re Stressed posted at Where We Relax.

Eric Cech presents 2008 March posted at Synergy Essential Oils, Aromatherapy for Professionals and Enthusiasts. This article about custom-making your own essential oils includes a nice formula for mature skin.

Chris presents Tai Chi Ruler: The Cure For a Sore Lower Back posted at Martial Development.

Laughter is medicine! Madeleine Begun Kane presents Misspent Youth posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Carol Bentley presents 3 time management tips and recommended reading posted at Carol Bentley.

Warren Wong writes that it’s possible to turn unsolvable problems into solvable ones if we’re willing to consider other perspectives. By using an analogy of a kid on the playground who loses a treasured toy to a bully, his article suggests that if we are willing to reassess our goals we may find a different kind of success than what we originally intended. He presents How To Solve Problems by Changing Your Frame or Perspective atPersonal Development.

James Chambers presents Natural Deodorants | Do They Stop Sweating? posted at Hyperhidrosis. The pearls for practice at the end of the article are two easy recipes to make your own 100% natural deodorant with ingredients you have on hand, or can easily obtain.

David B. Bohl presents 5 Situations Where It Pays to Act Instead of React posted at Slow Down Fast Today!

Semi-Charmed Wife presents Managing Anxiety by Self-Soothing posted at Semi-Charmed Wife. Just reading the list of things she suggests we try at home or at work made me feel soothed.

Tina Su at Think Simple Now, suggests that a diet of forgiveness will boost happiness, and that the most important person to forgive is often ourselves. She offers six practical exercises to invite self-forgiveness into body, mind and heart in the post, A Guide to Happiness via Self Forgiveness.

Weight Loss Dude presents his personal experience with supplements in the post, Calcium + Niacin For Weight Loss?

The Carnival of Healing is orchestrated byPhylameana lila Desy. The Carnival Home page can be found here, where you can volunteer to host, or check out the archives. Until next time…